Family, Fruit & Fabric

I’ve had my mother-in-law all this last weekend, which was quite lovely. During several well-timed breaks in the ‘Oh Lord, the rain has already started and it’s not officially even officially autumn yet’ we all toddled down to World Spice and Pikes Place Market on Saturday.

As seemingly everyone else in Seattle joined us in rushing out en masse to be outside while you could do so without also being quite sopping wet, it was a bit of a zoo.

Sunday was much the same and, when the rain let up, we raced off down the street to our neighborhood Farmers Market which included an unexpected classic car show  that had blocked off several blocks of the main street. I had some of the first Honeycrisp apples of the season, which if you haven’t had them are good enough that I honestly can’t bring myself to eat other, lesser apples now, which seem mealy and bland fruit-shaped hoaxes and pale in comparison.  Himself bought me a tiny piece by a local artist that is a very prettily rendered crow painted over a decoupaged quote from Poe’s ‘The Raven’ which I adored at first sight.

See? A lovely weekend.

Having my lovely mother in law in residence also meant a short enforced break in my sewing work, as my sewing studio is also the guest room. In order to have things just so, all such things had to get neatly tucked away in the closet.

I thought to myself as I was tidying up on Thursday night that, after several weeks of working at work and then working at home amid the various assortment of usual chores and such that it takes to keep things trim and comfortable on the domestic front, that I would relish the enforced weekend break spent doing family sorts of things. This is certainly true, and I had a perfectly pleasant time being unproductive.  Taking guests about to show them your city invariably makes you appreciate it more and do all the things that you probably mean to but never get ‘round to doing under normal circumstances.

By Sunday night, though, I found myself itching to get back to work.

I have a bias cut grey and violet plaid skirt that is mostly done and just needs a zipper and hemmed that I suddenly had a great idea for, and now want to rework slightly.

I have to say that though it’s early days yet, I’m glad to find myself craving getting back to work.  This morning at other-work, I just wanted to ogle fabric, which I certainly do not need more of at the moment, only there is this really lovely muted teal and grey mohair sweater knit that would go perfect with a sort of a heathered wool gauze in the same color family. I was thinking a little fifies-esque frock, fitted through the bodice with a ballet neckline, bracelet length sleeves and circle skirt for the gauze and ruffled cardigan with the knit? Of course, I should very likely not until I’ve got through at least half of my current supply, but it was really gorgeous… Fall is certainly my favorite season for textiles as well as apples.

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