Himself and I went up to Vancouver last weekend to see the Sounders take on the Whitecaps in the first Cascadia game of the season. Despite our boys getting off to a slow start, it was an exciting match even if it did end in a tie. More than that, it was a wonderful weekend and a much needed break after finishing my last dress. We took the train up, strolled around in the soft spring sunshine, had a lovely dinner at the tiny little place we first discovered during the last Vancouver riots and generally had a perfect time.


Barkley had his first night away from home too, staying with two friends of ours at their place. They tell me he was good but then I expect they would say that. Also their cat apparently chased him.


If you make it up to Vancouver, definitely check out a place called Fat Dragon BBQ. It’s a melding of Asian and southern style BBQ and it was wonderful. They had Thai basil soft serve ice cream too. Noms.

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