It Must Be Jelly…

imageSo every Sunday my neighborhood has a farmers market in the middle of the street. It’s great! The produce is amazing, and just about nowish the guy who specializes in foraged edibles shows up with huckleberries.

A lot of people have never actually had a huckleberry, mostly because I don’t think they’re commercially cultivated and all the ones I’ve ever seen are picked in the wild, where you have to wrassle Bears for them, but honestly? Totally worth it. They taste sort of like the best, most flavorful and concentrated blueberry you can imagine. They’re only in season for about three weeks a year, so I bought two pounds and made jam. Vanilla bean huckleberry jam to be specific.


They also had Concord grapes so I made some grape jelly while I was canning.


image image

And just like that… Jelly and jam!

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