Upon arriving home the other day I found a curious brown envelope tucked behind where the milk man delivers the milk, my name and address typed out upon it rather than, as would be far more common, printed or even written. Immediately I was piqued, a sensation that became even more pronounced when I opened it and discovered an obscure newspaper, a government handbook detailing the proper techniques to employ when attempting to survive an atomic attack, an absinthe spoon and a pair of invitations. One of the invitations was to a charity fete and was long past due, as the party was scheduled prior to my birth, making my attendance at it quite unlikely. The other was a wedding invitation for September 15th, the same date I recieves the package, though the invitation itself omitted the intended year but apparently folded a black mass into the usual nuptial proceedings. 

Being unfamiliar with any of these persons I was naturally puzzled, but certainly curious, and in browsing the newspaper I found it made reference to one Miranda Elder in a narrative account of a detective’s investigation of a grizzly murder. This was the same name as figures on the invitation and she made reference to the man, her soon to be ex husband at the time of the writing.  I feel compelled to investigate further and shall record my findings here. 

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