About Me

Hi there!

My name is Chelsea, and as the sidebar says I am a full-time dressmaker and costume designer based out of the West Seattle area of Seattle, Washington.

I’ve been sewing for most of my life, having learned quite literally at my grandmother’s knee, but it wasn’t until around the millennium that I started to get quite serious about it. The more I did, the more I seemed to enjoy it, and after enough time had passed and my husband and I had extensive discussions about it, I finally decided that the time had come to quit my very taxing corporate job and start my own business. I haven’t regretted the decision for a moment.

I honestly cannot tell you at this point how many women’s historical gowns I have made, but it is a considerable number. Corsets to farthingales, Renaissance to Baroque to Victorian and all points in between and beyond, I really do love historical fashion. Naturally, I’ve been commissioned for quite a few wedding gowns as well and those are always especially wonderful projects for me. Of late, too, I have done a fair amount of costumes of all sorts, from video games to sci-fi  and other films, and those have all been very satisfying.

If you’re interested in discussing the possibility of hiring me to help design and create your next wearable piece of art, please do email me at: Chelsea at Faerietales dot com