I Want To Hire You. How Much Will It Cost?

This is almost impossible to answer in the abstract. First you and I will sit down and talk about your particular project in detail: What you want. What you want it to be like. How you want it made. What you want it to move/feel like/do. What it should or could be made out of. After all that, I will sit down and prepare an estimate for you. The estimate will be broken down into materials, or specific things that there will be receipts for, and the amount of time I expect to work on it. After that, you’ll decide and if we end up going forward I will take a deposit of half the labor and the cost of the materials involved if you’re not ordering them yourself. The remaining labor balance is due upon completion, when you’re completely satisfied.

Can I Hire You If I Live In Anchorage/St. Paul/Botswana?

Probably not, unfortunately. My experience has been that I will need to have you in for at least one fitting during the course of your project, and that’s obviously not very feasible if you live a long way away. I have not found mailing things back and forth to be a very good substitute for actually having someone in the room wearing the garment, so unless the item is something like a bag or a thing that doesn’t have to be fitted to your body, I will need to have you physically present in West Seattle at least once.

Can You Make Me A Twelve Foot Tall Articulated Godzilla Costume That Breathes Fire?

That sounds awesome, but probably not. I work in cloth. I’m really good with cloth, and I know all the different kinds and what they do and those sorts of things. The further we stray from cloth, the less likely it is that I am going to be the girl for your project, and when we arrive at injection molded polymers and circuitry and the like we will be well out of my wheelhouse. That being said, if there are elements of your project that involve such things we can at least discuss it, because over the years I have come to know ‘guys’ (and ladies) that do those sorts of things and I might be able to refer you.